I am posting a blog on maca root and aguaje because I am continuing to get ignorant comments on my so called controversial video "Maca Root" on YouTube. I guess my "maca root" video and maca root chapter in my ebook are not getting the job done to combat the many myths concerning these foods and other supplements claiming to increase the curves of the female body.

I am not sure why some women believe whole heartily that something you eat like maca root which is a type of radish root and aguaje a type of palm fruit both native to Peru magically enhances the curves of the female body. NO food or drink naturally from this earth has any type of hormone in it. Hormones, that being estrogen and testosterone are the only things which will make you bigger just by taking it alone. Examples of this are steroids which increase your testosterone levels and studies have shown that taking steroids ALONE makes you bigger without having to exercise or increase your calories. Another type of hormone drug that directly acts on hormones is birth control pills. Birth control acts on estrogen hormones usually changing a woman's menstrual cycle and almost always causing a woman's breast to enlarge along with general weight gain around the lower stomach and hips. These drugs do this because they were created to act on hormones or increase your hormone levels. Both birth control and steroids are made in laboratories and are not found naturally in nature and you can not legally purchase them unless you have a prescription from a doctor.

Now the argument that these naive women are using is saying maca root gave them a bigger butt so it must work, when these woman know there are many variables that have to be controlled before you can claim maca root did in fact increase the size of your butt. You have to eliminate any type of exercise and monitor your calorie number every day to make sure you do not eat more calories. You also have to be older than the puberty age because the female body is still growing and changing up until the age of 21. You also can not be on any hormone related drugs like birth control. If you control all of these factors and than take maca root for a period of time and you see your hip size get bigger, than you have the credibility to say maca root gave you a bigger butt. Otherwise, you have no clue what factor gave you a bigger butt so these women just say it was the maca root when 99% of the time it was them eating more and exercising while the maca root acted like a placebo.

And this is no coincidence. Almost every maca root website I have been to not only tells its customers to buy maca root but also says to perform special butt exercises and to eat special foods like jams to get a bigger butt. Of course, they say this in the fine print and under a whisper and shout out with a loud voice about maca root being the primary method to getting a bigger butt.

Now their so called scientific argument to say maca root and aguaje act on your estrogen hormones is because they contain photoestrogens which in "theory" is suppose to help balance or regulate the estrogen in women creating a more hourglass body by rerouting estrogen or increasing estrogen, thus, creating bigger butts & breast, although, their isn't one credible scientific study to prove this. You can search the internet right now and you will not find any scientific study on maca root or aguaje that reportedly increases the curves of females. You will only find websites by women selling the product and showing you before and after pictures of random women.

So why are these people claiming this remarkable power maca root and aguaje are suppose to have?

Well, one reason is simply to make more money and create a more versatile product. Most of the people pushing maca root and aguaje also sell the products as a hair improvement remedies. What better than to say the same product used for your hair can also increase the size of the female curves. Something you would hear from a witch doctor or something. I have no clue why these women believe this, although, I must say most of the women who do are fairly young and are still in their adolescent years. Just think, there are some young women who still believe bust creams can enlarge their breast size. Same reasoning. (I have no beef with the maca root or anything else in the use of hair products as many hair products are created with the use of natural foods, which sometimes are the main ingredient in the hair product).

The other reason is from folklore. Stories have made their way out of Peru claiming again without scientific evidence that aguaje and maca root which are both rare Peruvian foods are the sole means to which Peruvian women have developed their curves. I admit, some (and the keyword is "some") Peruvian women have beautiful bodies, well the younger Peruvian women that is, the older ones do not. Is it because of the maca root and aguaje which virtually everyone eats in Peru or is it becasue the younger Peruvian women are more knowledgeable about what types of foods to eat, have access to more nutritional foods, and know how valuable exercise is to the body. I believe this makes more sense to why some of the younger Peruvian women look very good since aguaje has been eaten in Peru for hundreds of years and is not recent to the diet of Peruvians. But some Brazilian women look good as well along with Colombian women, Cuban women, the list goes on and on because every country just about has some women who look fairly curvy. So is it the food or the genetics? Yes, its the genetics as always. Most Latina women tend to be more hourglass or pear shaped and have larger anterior pelvic tilts which give them the ability to create smaller waist lines, larger butts & thighs, larger hip bones and more visible butts by having a larger anterior tilt. Now I must say that aguaje and maca root are very beneficial for the skin (which I will discuss in my upcoming "cellulite" video on YouTube) and good looking skin creates very appealing bodies. This is another reason why some of the Peruvian women look good.     

The only study that I have found that looks at how aguaje interacts with estrogen is a study done on rats that you can view at this linkhttp://food-nutrition.factoidz.com/tropical-fruit-moriche-or-aguaje-superfood-from-the-amazon-rainforest/. The study showed that when rats where given aguaje their estrogen levels went down NOT up. So the aguaje actually had a negative affect on estrogen contrary to what these people pushing maca root and aguaje are saying. The only reason some doctors are using maca root and aguaje is because these photoestrogens present in these foods somehow have the ability to act similar to estrogen in helping menopause, regulating a women's period, making a women more fertile, and increasing energy, ALL things I mentioned in my "Maca Root" video and reasons someone may look to take these supplements or food.

It is funny to see some of these YouTube videos claiming maca or aguaje gave them a bigger butt. The YouTubers post their before and after pictures and yes their buttocks did get bigger. However, what else got noticeably bigger was their waist line. They all created fatter bellies. What is the point of increasing your butt size if your stomach just gets fatter? No point of having a large stomach just so you can have a large butt. You know there is a reason why supermodel women in SI magazines are still the most desirable women for most men in America. It is because they have good size breast and they have very small waist lines. Their waist lines are very noticeable. This makes the female appear healthy, athletic, and feminine since the female will be at a lighter body weight. They may not have curves, but you can see most males do not care, they care about the waist line. Women who can develop curves without compromising their waist lines, creating waist lines BELOW 30 inches, they are the only ones who can trump these supermodel bodies and of course having a toned body too. But this just shows you that these women ate more calories and increased their hip and waist line measures and of course doing it without proper exercise or knowing about their genetics. You can say the aguaje and maca root helped increase your energy and that made you eat more. But you could have just eaten more too.

Another funny thing is some of these women have even taken aguaje in protein shakes, taking 2 per day. You know that you already added over 300 calories to your diet everyday and that is only if you take the shakes in water. And than they go and perform low intensity butt exercises which do not burn that many calories, yet they will still get hungry because they are working out so they will eat an extra meal. So this person with an extra meal and the protein shakes will add roughly 800 calories to her diet almost every day. And you guessed it, in 1 to 2 months time she would have put on some weight and her hip size and waist line would have gotten bigger. Thus, the maca root or aguaje acted as a placebo since it did not directly create a bigger buttocks but gave the illusion that is was creating a bigger butt since it was taken during the process.   

So I guess I could go with the flow and say maca root and aguaje can help you increase your appetite which will make you eat more and thus your hip size will get bigger. If you want to take maca root and think it will help you increase your appetite so you can eat more if you have a problem eating more food, than go ahead and do so, I stated this in my "Maca Root" video. But do not say the maca root, aguaje, or anything else that is not a hormone gave you a bigger butt ALONE, becasue that is not possible and has not been proven up until this date.


03/23/2012 11:59

How do you know all this?

03/30/2012 23:26

What about green tea and soy protien?

04/11/2012 10:59

I have been living in Peru for the past 3 years,(Piura, north of Peru) I have lived in other countries as well.
Most Peruvian girls are not that cute period. And no way they have great bodies. I really mean it, most of them are "apple Shaped", short and have a terrible posture, the young ones wear low hip jeans (a couples sizes smaller) and have big muffin top bellies.
The older ones dont take care of themselves and I can only says taht I have seen some brazilean 50 year old ladies in much better shape than most piurans on their 20's

08/02/2012 07:41

well maybe the plant grew in the right climate but for the wrong type of people they dont need badonacadonks!

04/20/2012 08:40

I have been taking Maca for about 2 weeks and i have seen results no lie! But this blog is interesing.

04/26/2012 23:07

maca root just make you gain weight, I wish it was in all the right places though. Booty wow works though, i just wore it and my buns was bigger instantly and over a few months it looked muched better than before. I exercise with it on a lot though and wore it everyday

04/26/2012 23:09

by the way does anyone know where to get some steriods, these ladies up top have some killer abs

05/08/2012 17:42

Heard of maca root. Need to give it a try only if it won't kill me.

06/15/2012 15:36

Maca Root [in women/men] balances out the hormones and causes the body to cleanse itself. It may or may not also raise testerone levels slightly which aids those who body build as testerone repairs muscles faster and reduces "down" time while increasing energy. Maca Root is a herb and as with all herbs vary from person to person. But various people who have taken Maca Root report results. Women who take Maca Root and who exercise their glutes see faster and better results then those who don't. Maca Root is not a magic pill that will give a person a big butt. Exercise [and surgery] are the only proven methods of increasing the butt.

06/16/2012 14:47

Truly written by someone who has never used either product. Why don't you try the products before creating this BS. Oh wait, you're a guy that's why. I have and currently use both aguaje and maca and has done wonders for me. There are many girls out there that are using both and are getting great results naturally. Don't hate babe, just enjoy the view.

06/28/2012 23:18

Hi Rebecca
Can you please email me @smendoza1984@gmail I would like to talk to.you
I am very interested in taking maca and see what it does to my butt:)

07/02/2012 10:28

Rebecca, I am also very interested.. My butt has a good size and roundness to it.. But my fiance says its gotten smaller, and I want it big.. Please email me @diamondes17@gmail.com it would be greatly appreciated. (:

10/14/2012 17:56

omg does it truly work email me asap ! i wanna consult with someone before i try it for myself ! ... email : amiyahmonday@Yahoo.com

07/13/2012 10:30

I bought maca pills yesterday at vitamin world but on the bottle it says 'Mens performance product'. I've done a lot of research on maca and I know that's one of the benefits, but does it mean that the bottle that I bought is soley for men or can I take it too for butt growth?

08/07/2012 12:22

Men can take maca too, most take black maca or red. I'm quite sure the bottle you bought is fine, it was just probably targeting men.


I couldn't leave the website without commenting on this it is a great idea and i checked some other posts on this blog they are great.keep up the good work.

09/21/2012 19:08

Its sort of true that Maca Root wont increase your butt size alone but a few women on Youtube has clearly already pointed that out. It depend on genetics. If you are pear or cello shape like Beyonce and Kim Kardashion than a substanial amount of your weight gain generally goes to your hips and butt. I'm a vase figure and my weight usually goes to my thighs. Comparing certain excercises like some of Tiffany Rothes excercises on Youtube along with using this Meca can make your body make the weight gain go towards your hip and butt area. The tip is to keep your waist small and stomach tone which gives you a banging curvy body as you gain weight.

09/23/2012 05:36

stop trying to tell the public what don't work for them!!!!!!!!!
I hate when people do that tell others what is bias about another product. that's not cool seriously

10/25/2012 12:18

what is said on this blog is not totally true since the Aguaje is helping hundreds of girls arround the world to increase sizes to their hips, breast and buttocks since it has natural strogen on his composition and this is totally proove in the same way soy have them but in lower quantities. Also maca does help since it has DHEA, specially black maca,wich is the main hormone that helps butt bigger internally,Maca itself has not hormones but when maca is transported to the adrenal glands by the blood torrent it produces hormones

You can find more information about both products here


mrs williams
11/01/2012 10:23

before i take this product i would like to hear from more people concerning rather it would help my butt get bigger,and im wondering rather we talking bout the same product,mine is calledaguaje fruit,i havent heard any one where im from talk about it this is my first time hearing bout it

mrs williams
11/01/2012 10:27

my first post i wanted to be notify concernin my post.

11/20/2012 06:47

Yes it works 4 me too i dont know what she talking about and i dont work out

12/11/2012 00:01

im so small and im 18 and i really need to gain wait anywher will it work for me and a bigger but would be nice to

12/27/2012 10:22

well I use the Aguaje pills and I do not exercise BUT I am constantly active as far as not sitting on my ass all day everyday. I eat whatever I want just not a ton of it when my body tells me im done eating...im done eating I definatley see a change in my waist and my butt my butt never jiggled before now it does and it feels even heavier im not getting fat either. the only thing is my breast seem smaller and im ususally a 38D cup and now ive gone to a 36D hopefully they wont keep shrinking.hope this helps some of you, its helped me and im gonna keep taking the pills

12/27/2012 11:38



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